Primal Fetish Tommy Pistol, Riley Reyes – Corporate Bitch Trained to Obey FullHD

limp - 2145 Corporate Bitch Trained to Obey

limp - 2145 Corporate Bitch Trained to Obey1

Tommy has been a top executive at his company for years. He started from the bottom and worked his ass off to get where he is so when a girl 20 years younger than him strolls into his office with no appointment to tell him she is there to “evaluate his efficiency” for the company he is almost speechless. Tommy has been around long enough to know her cockiness and condescending attitude means she is going to make sure she can tear him apart to the board to make herself look good. Fortunately there are a lot of special research and development prototypes that tommy knows about, and he decides that the best way to show “MZ” Reyes his management ability is to have her trained to complete obedience.

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