Limp Fetish Rose Ranger – Paralyzed Plaything HD

limp - 2182 Paralyzed Plaything.mp4

Rose Ranger has come to avenge her sister Knight Rose. She was defeated and sold into slavery by the Controller.

After a brief but spectacular display of powers Rose Ranger finds herself defeated and under the power of the controllers Paralyzing Pulse. He poses her and gropes her, all the while taunting her helplessness.

To add to her humiliation her puts her on all fours and spanks her while she is helpless to do anything while feeling each stinging swat of his hands. He goes on to make using her own hand to masturbate her through her costume

Now Controller is going to increase his hold on her. She is restrained with shackles and forced to cum in a gushing orgasm that pours out of her costume leaving her weak, humiliated and totally in the grips of the Controllers power

Rose Ranger is totally helpless and unable to move as The Controller exposes her wet vulnerable pussy and fucks her like she is his own plaything. Worse still he cums in her and then leaves her there, eyes rolling in panic and shame

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:24:36
Size: 912 Mb

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