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limp - 2195 Enslaved by Sasha Foxxx.mp4

Enslaved by Sasha Foxxx Part TWO

Sasha has been having trouble with another department head at work. He constantly gives her a hard time and makes things difficult for her. One day she has had enough and uses the power of her eyes to mesmerize him. She makes him her total slave

PART 2 It is weeks since the enslavement and Sasha is at home, enjoying her slave taking care of her every need. Her slave massages her nude body, worshiping her with his hands . Suddenly her slave doubles over and collapses. He has agonizing blue balls so Sasha has mercy and makes him cum with her soft feet to keep him healthy enough to keep serving her. His load almost hits her in the face and she is obviously furious

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:20:27
Size: 209 Mb

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