Primal Fetish Michael Masters, Jewelz Blu – Guided to Give in to Her True Nature SD mp4

limp - 2216 Guided to Give in to Her True Nature.mp4

limp - 2216 Guided to Give in to Her True Nature1

Jewelz is starting her first year in college and is very sure about her future. She doesn’t even know why she has to sit down with an academic career counselor. He explains that he is going to do a mental exercise to help her understand what she truly wants for herself, to understand her true nature. Whenever the councilor holds up a finger and she answers in a way that is contrary to her true nature she gets a sharp painful ringing her her head, but when she admits what she really wants she feels very good

-You realize your looks are the only thing you have going for you

-You love showing of your body

-You’re a desperately horny slut

-Your want to masturbate while I watch

-You love that you made my dick hard

-You want to see my dick

-You love sucking dick more than anything

and so on until she realizes what she truly is, and is thankful for the councilor’s guidance

Format: mp4
Resolution: 848 x 480
Duration: 00:56:45
Size: 958 Mb

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