Angel The Dreamgirl – Put back into trance and told to go to her knees 4k 2160p

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Play My Game

You play the role of a teacher. Your husband plays the role of a student.
Outfits: any sexy short dress, pencil skirt and purple blouse, black satin lace dress and vintage black stockings as in the clip 402 and black shoes.
Your style: hair loose, dark eye makeup, dark red lipstick, lip gloss, long earrings.

Scene one

You return at home after the party, you are a little tipsy. You wear a short sexy dress, black heels and black nylons. You enter the house with someone speaking on the phone and go into the bedroom, you turn on the light and do not immediately notice your student sitting on an armchair. At first, you are shocked by the fact that he is in your house and you do not understand how he entered in your house.
He asks you to take off your dress and put on a black satin short dress, laughing you say that you will not do this, then he will show you a video on his phone that he made last week as you flirt with him. Then you understand that you cannot escape punishment and you agree to what he wants.

Scene two

You wear black garter stockings, a black short satin dress, and black heels. You are ready and stand before him, he tells you to dance for him slowly undressing, at the end of the strip wear only your nylons and panties, you are reluctant to do this, he orders you to do it more sexually. During the dance, I want to see frames from below, the view of your whole body, your nylon legs and your ass in this short satin dress. After you take off your dress, he orders you to crawl to give him a blow job, do it as you did in clip 451, you are not particularly happy with what is happening, but continue to carry out his orders. You do a blow job, let it be 2-3 minutes.

Scene three

Now he wants to fuck you, he is pushing you to the bed, you are standing with your back to him, one leg can be on the bed, pushing your panties to the side, he enters you from behind. After a few minutes, you begin to enjoy it, but you try not to show it.
He is trying to kiss you, but you are not giving him a kiss. I would like to see the camera angle from a third person and sometimes from the POV.
Then he orders you to be on top, first the front cowgirl, and then the back cowgirl, in this position you take off your panties and heels. The camera in this position is from POV, I want to see your face as well. The cumshoot scene: you sit on the floor, your body is visible in the frame completely, you give blowjob for a while, and then he cum to your dark red lips and mouth. You spit his sperm and he goes away taking your shoes with him so that ….

to be continued.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Duration: 00:20:00
Size: 2.81 Gb

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