Limp Fetish – Luke Longly, Cory Chase – Beat Cops FullHD 1080p

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Scene One: Sudden Retribution

Sergeant Chase has tracked down the criminals who destroyed her and her partner’s life. Now she’s finally going to get her revenge! The house is empty but she does find a whip on the bed. As she picks it up in disgust the criminal appears from his hiding place to put a rag over her face. She struggles like her life depended on it, knowing what will happen if she loses. But the attacker is too strong and she on the bed.

He ties her up and strips off her uniform exposing her body. It’s kind of sad that he has to teach her this lesson again, she’ll never learn.”We’re going to have some fun with you Sergeant Chase” he says tying her up to the bed. With two plugs he inserts them into her pussy and ass, stretching them and getting them ready for his big dick. His friend comes over and it’s time for them to get to work. They whip her body as they jam their cocks into her begging mouth. Now that she’s softened up they rag her out again.

Scene Two: Reflex Retaliation

They untie her from the bed and retie her hands. As she wakes Sergeant Chase is greeted by a large cock that she’s forced to suck. “Just let me go, I won’t come after you anymore!” She pleads as she feels the criminal spread her legs. Every second slows down as the cock opens up her pussy and drives deep inside of her. She cries in frustration, unable to stop them.

They take turns on her pussy and ass, making her suck her own terrified juices again and again. “Hold her right there” One of the attackers says and forces his cock into her clenched asshole. The pain is unbearable as they take turns plowing into her ass, pussy and mouth.

On her hands and knees like a whore, she’s used like a sex doll by the two strong men. There’s no hope of escape, only the knowledge that they will use her until they are done. As she’s forced to ride one man the other fucks her ass. The two cocks inside of her make her feel like she’s going to break apart. Then next comes double penetration like the Dirty Beat Cop she is..

“Keep sucking dick, you’re going to get two big mouthfuls of cum!” The men laugh at her. She can only grunt in frustration as they taunt her and fuck her all over. She feels so fucking dirty and used. If only she was smarter, stronger, able to get away from them. Her mistakes run through her head over and over as she’s fucked. Just like they promised, the ultimate humiliation, two big loads shoot all over her angry face. They knock her out and leave her tied up, covered in cum as a lesson, don’t fuck with the criminals in this city.

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