Primal Fetish Paige Owens – The Domination of Domina FullHD 1080p

limp - 2301 The Domination of Domina

limp - 2301 The Domination of Domina.mp4

Rare jewels have been stolen and Domina has tracked down the hideout of the criminal behind it. She is confronted by a cocky weirdo in a loin clothe and thinks to easily take him in using her power to mentally dominate her enemies. However the man only laughs at her, grabbing her wrist in a crushing grip. However Domina can not only mentally dominate her opponents, she has the super-strength to dominate them physically as well. However the criminal gives Domina a taste of her own medicine and uses his own powers to attack her mind and compell her to submitt. Domina is almost overwhlemed by his great power but manages to fight it off and the contest once again becomes physical, until her enemy uses a “divine strike of submission” that sends her to the floor and breaks her will. She serves him on her knees like a submissive whore unable to resist the compulsions to obey

Domina is too strong minded to stay dominated for long and now the criminal uses more mundane methods to weakened her resistance, forcing her to cum over and over until she has no will to resist his commands

Domina is now reduced to full subserviance, not only can she not resist his commands, she doesn’t even want too, infact she desperately wishes to please her new master and earn his praise.

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Duration: 00:46:13
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