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568 Looks like Trouble to Her

Angel is working late in the office when she gets a call on her cell phone, it’s the opposing company that hired her to steal secrets for them. She tells them the CEO has left for the weekend and the office is empty, she’ll have plenty of time to steal their business plan and deliver it on time. She listens for a moment before smiling and saying, “Don’t worry, I’m always careful and I always deliver,” then hangs up.

Camera Switches to Mr. Jones POV Mr. Jones walks in, startling Angel. He tells her he heard everything and has finally caught her. Angel doesn’t panic, she stands up and gets seductive, and asks Mr. Jones what he wants for letting her go. She walks around the office being sexy, letting Mr. Jones admire all of her curves and cleavage. She tells him he can do whatever he wants to her, as long as he lets her take what she needs. She approaches him and rubs her body against him. He reaches out and grabs her hair, gently at first, before pulling a bit harder. Angel smiles and says she likes kinky men.

Camera Switches to non-POV Mr. Jones is still pulling her hair, then he grabs her jaw and pulls her close. He kisses her passionately before breaking away. He tells her he is a very kinky man and his price is high. Angel says she’ll pay it. Mr. Jones then removes his tie, turns her around and binds her wrists behind her back tightly with the tie. Angel moans in surprise and pleasure, and playfully asks him what he’s going to do to her.

-Scene 2
Angel’s back is to Mr. Jones, who holds and fondles her from behind, rubbing her breasts over her top, her hips and ass, her legs, and pulling her hair a bit. At one point he pulls her hair a bit too hard and Angel yelps loudly. He hand gags her to keep her quiet and continues to fondle her breasts. Angel continues to enjoy it all and moans even louder into his hand. Mr. Jones tells her she needs to be more quiet.

Camera Switches to Mr. Jones POV Mr. Jones turns Angel around so she faces him, then puts her down on her knees. She smiles, knowing what’s coming. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. Angel admires it before he grabs her head and shoves it into her mouth. Angel sucks his cock enthusiastically.

Camera Switches between POV & non-POV as she continues to suck his cock and moan in pleasure. This lasts a couple minutes.

Camera Switches to non-POV Mr. Jones pulls his cock out of her mouth, Angel pouts a bit and says she wants more. Mr. Jones tells her it’s time to punish her a bit for her thievery. Angel protests a bit but plays along. Mr. Jones tells her he needs her to be quiet for this part. He pulls out a roll of duct tape and rips off one long strip. Angel protests a bit more before accepting her gag. He then gags her with the tape.

After gagging her Mr. Jones proceeds to fondle her a bit more. He then pulls her hair a bit harder before bending her over a desk and spanking her a bit. She enjoys it at first before he spanks a bit harder, then she begins to struggle and try to pull away. He grabs her and pulls her against him, holding her tight and hand gagging her over the tape as he fondles her breasts a bit. He tells her he’s keeping his word, he’ll still let go but her punishment can’t be all pleasure, it needs to hurt a bit.

-Scene 3
Camera Switches between POV & non-POV Mr. Jones bends Angel back over the desk, he spanks her a few more times before pulling her skirt up a bit. He then enters her from behind, Angel loves it and moans in pleasure. He starts slow and gradually goes faster. He pulls her hair and spanks her a bit more. When Angel grows to loud he hand gags her over the tape. Angel looks back toward him throughout, her eyes full of passion and pleasure.

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