Limp Fetish Cory Chase, Nikki Brook in Erasing Wunder Womans Mind HD c4s

limp - 2339 Nikki Brooks in Erasing Wunder Womans Mindz.mp4

Being a superheroine is an incredibly stressful job. Sometimes you just need someone to talk too. Wunder Woman has finally found the perfect therapist to bitch and complain about Super Gurl. She gets so worked up with her anger flaring that she almost has a panic attack right there. “Just take a nice deep breath in and out” The therapist says.

Resting her hands along Wunder Woman’s head Brain Drain springs her trap on the emotionally vulnerable superheroine. A green glow melts Wunder Woman’s brain into a smooth thoughtless shell of a woman. She’s so relaxed and mindless, in a dreamlike state she will do whatever she’s told. Slowly softly Brain Drain brings her deeper and deeper into her dream taking off her top and pressing their naked breasts together. She makes Wunder Woman moan and cum pulling her powers right out of her body. “Thank you Wunder Woman” She whispers leaving her a used and broken husk of a former superheroine, a new pet to play with.

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