Mistress Christina – Quarantine – Pump Purge Release FullHD 1080p

limp - 2329 Pump Purge Release.mp4

The virus is spreading. You must stay in. You must survive. Everything is uncertain except one thing. You will do whatever it takes. You need your medicine this instant. I will start the delivery of the medication after a 10-second timer. After the countdown when delivery is initiated you will feel your mind drift. Your thoughts will rapidly shift and new ones will begin. It’s ok. The medicine is designed to do that. This is part of the process. Once your brain has created a new thought process then changes in your body will follow. You may notice that your cock becomes very hard and enlarged. This is good. It means the medicine is working. Your brain begins to build upon this new string of thoughts and it tells your hand to begin pumping your cock. You must give in to the urge. It is imperative that you pump it and drain it well. Milking your cock purges your system. The medication will not work unless you follow through. You must take your medication daily to ensure that you stay well. Daily consumption along with pumping is the key to your immunity. Get ready. It’s time for your first dose.

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