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MJ is tired of being alone on Valentine’s DAY every year. She longs for a man that will fuck her properly, not like the silly school-boys she knows. When MJ was at the library the other day she ran across an old book about vampires. One of the chapter’s was titled “Summons a Sex Vampire God”. Well needless to say MJ couldn’t pass up the book. So she decided to check it out and take it home for herself. Since she didn’t have a boyfriend and nothing planned on Valentines Night, MJ thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see if the spell actually worked, which of course she was seriously doubting. MJ believed the spell book was a total joke, but the whole idea of a Sex Vampire seemed exciting & fun to the naive young girl. MJ waited for her parents to go out to dinner and her step-brother to go to his girlfriends house, then she hiked off into the woods behind her house. Once MJ was certain she was far away from anyone she set up her area. MJ placed a bunch of candles on the ground in a circle and began to read from the old spell book. While she was chanting, smoke suddenly began to appear. There was a loud bang with a flash of light. A second later a Handsome Male Vampire appeared from out of nowhere. He began to tell MJ that he was the Sex Vampire God and whoever summoned him must be fanged and fucked. At first MJ thought he was fake, but once he showed her his fangs, she knew he was for real. MJ was super excited and scared all at the same time, but open minded to the experience. The Sex Vampire proceeded to Fang Bang the fuck out of MJ and finally she wasn’t alone on Valentine’s. Once they were both done fucking each other, he shot his cold load all over her body. Then a cloud of smoke a appeared and the Sex Vampire left without a trace. MJ was left in a state of euphoria and thankful that she finally got a proper shafting.

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