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Paris White has always loved ASMR so she jumped at the chance to make a video. It starts off simple enough, she whispers seductively, her little feet in the air behind her before bitting into some nuts, letting them crack in your ears as you hear her lips smack. Then she grabs a balloon, tapping it, rubbing it, letting the air out slowly. Now it’s time for a sucker. She unwraps it, the crinkling tickling your senses. Then the sucking begins. The sucker is SO good, her mouth is so wet as she wraps her lips around it. The director is concerned about her clothes, he doesn’t want her to get messy and she agrees, she should put on her bikini. — Paris put on a tiny little black two piece while she break glow sticks and the director feeds her the sucker. Next he hands her a plastic bag with a surprise inside. Handcuffs. She lays on her back and he cuffs her little wrists together by the microphone, nothing strange here, it’s all just ASMR sounds and she needs to keep sucking on that sucker. Even when he brings out the nipple clamps she finds herself more turned on than thinking it’s strange…and by the time he puts a collar around her neck and leads her to the bath by a leash it all seems very normal. — Paris bathes her master, squeezing out the water by his ears so he can hear it dripping. His hands start to roam over her body and she feels his cock getting hard. Without a sucker to make wet sounds his cock is the next best thing. She lovingly sucks him off in the warm water of the tub before laying back on the bed so he can taste HER candy — Paris stares into camera while master licks her wet little pussy, she moans and begs for more as she cums from his tongue. — She can’t wait to have his cock inside her and eagerly pushes him into her. He fucks her, using the chain to pull her. He pounds her from behind and pushes her face to the mattress shoving his fingers in her mouth while she begs for me. She rides him until she cums again and then slides between his legs to worship his cock with her mouth. She begs for his cum. She’s been such a good little ASMR Girl.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:35:33
Size: 4944 Mb

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