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For best results, take your little dick out and stroke it while you listen and watch this video. You may find yourself cumming within a few seconds of this video and that is ok. Simply keep stroking your little penis or stop the video until you are ready to stroke more. You need to watch this video as many times as possible until you achieve the goals we have set out for you.

You are single and all you want to do in your spare time is stroke your little dick and think about girls. While this may be fun, it is time for you to start talking to girls and dating. We need to find you a pretty white girl to date. Devote yourself to finding the prettiest white girl you can date. Hopefully she will want you to put your little dick inside of her. And now it’s time to get to work. While you’re fucking her, tell her how hot it would be to see her with another man’s penis inside of her. Tell her this often during sex so that it will excite her. We know that you want this. You think about another man fucking her often and it’s time to make this a reality.

Get her to post an online ad with you. Be honest and tell her it would be hot to see her with a guy with a really big dick. You want to watch a guy with a really big dick take your girl as if he were her girl. Make all the arrangements to make this happen. Invite him over and allow him to fuck her as you take out your little dick and stroke it as he pounds your girl and makes her moan more than you ever have. When he is finished with her you will have a limp little penis with cum on you and you will not be able to get your little dick hard enough to put inside of her. This will add to the humiliation you desire from her.

Now you will want to make this a regular part of spending time with her. It is time to enter the next phase. Next time you have sex with her, tell her you want to see her with a black guy next time. Post another ad so you can find a black man and then invite him over to have sex with your girl. Go sit in the corner and stroke your little dick while he fucks her. Listen to her moan little dick white boy and watch as he fucks her with his huge black cock. You may not have known this, but pretty white girls crave black cock. This will be a different experience for you than when the white guy came over. Stroke your little dick and don’t be surprised if you cum in just seconds as you see how much she is enjoying being fucked by a black man.

It is now time for you to start the next phase. Next time the black man comes over, go into another room and leave them alone to fuck. You can go into the next room and listen and stroke your little white dick until you cum. This way you will always have a little limp white dick when it is your turn to have sex with her. This will allow her to want to have sex with him much more than with you and your little limp dick. Now it is time for you to start the next phase. Allow her to go out on a date with a black man and go back to his place to fuck him while you sit at home alone jerking your tiny white penis to the thought of what she is doing at that moment.

While you’re at home alone you will not be able to stop thinking about how these men with big black cocks have power over you. It is only natural for you to start thinking about big dicks much more often and to even start to crave them. Seeing your pretty girl get all the attention while you are not getting any attention might make you wish you were a pretty girl getting all of the attention. This is the correct line of thinking we wish you to have. If you have not thought about how wonderful it would feel to wear pretty girly outfits and get all the attention from men, we wish for you to start thinking about it. You should start with panties, not your girl’s, it’s time for you to start buying your own girly clothes. Put on a pair of panties and start stroking your little dick while you think about pleasuring a huge black cock. Imagine if you were the one getting pleasure from that big dick just like your girl does. Do this while she is having sex at one of her black friend’s places and you are at home alone.

For the next phase tell your girl that she can have sex with black men whenever she wants and she does not need your permission. Once you have told her this you will now be free to start your girly experiences. Start buying slutty clothes and wigs and makeup. I’ll bet by now she has stopped calling you for sex. Start making yourself more and more girly and slutty. Now take some pictures and post an ad for yourself saying that you are a crossdresser looking for hung black men. Then go have dinner with your girl so she can tell you about all of the black men that she has been fucking. You ask her to have sex with you but she says, maybe later. But you already knew she wasn’t going to have sex with you.

Now that she is ignoring you and having sex with black men and you spend all of your time alone dressed up in slutty girly clothes, it is time for you to reply to the emails you have received from your ad. Have you been thinking about what it would be like to have a big black penis inside of your mouth? I know you spend much of the day thinking about it and now it’s time to do it. Find the man with the biggest cock and invite him over. Make sure you look as slutty as possible for him. When he arrives, let him in and show him how sexy you look. Then drop to your knees and show him how eager you are to start sucking his cock. Wrap your lips around his cock and suck it like you’ve been imagining. Suck it like a good slutty girl. You are now starting to fulfill your purpose. Look up at him as you are sucking to show him how much you enjoy it. Do not be surprised if he makes you gag with his big cock. Your mascara may start running down your face but this is normal when you are gagging on a big dick. Let him cum in your mouth or on your face, whichever he prefers. Then thank him and allow him to leave.

You have finally started to realize your purpose. Soon you will want more. Next you will want to be fucked in the ass like a slutty girl. It is normal to now fantasize about this all the time. Sucking dicks is only part of your purpose. Next time you invite an anonymous black cock over, you are not only going to suck him, you are going to lift up your skirt and allow him to pound your sissy ass. That big throbbing cock in your ass is exactly where it’s supposed to be. Let him cum where he wants, whether that be in your ass, down your throat, or on your face. Do you even remember that you have a girlfriend? I’ll bet she doesn’t even call you for sex at all any more. You have completed your purpose. You have taken a pretty white girl and turned her into a slut for black cock and we have turned you into a slut as well. You will never be able to stop these urges. It is now time to start the cycle over. It’s time for you to find a pretty white girl to date again.

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