Alex Dorian Rilynn Rae, Stormy and Rock – Wonder Woman & Supergirl VS The Mad Doctor From Mars

limp - 2414 Supergirl VS The Mad Doctor From Mars.mp4

Way up in space, on a martian space ship, The Mad Doctor teleports heroines Supergirl and Wonder Woman to his ship for experiments.
Wonder Woman and Supergirl rush into action, Supergirl grabs him from behind and Wonder Woman wraps her lasso of truth around him and demands he tells her who he is and why he has brought them there.
The Mad Doctor laughs and pushes the girls off of him, the girls jump up and start to fight him, but he is faster and stronger, and more technologically advanced, he pulls out a laser and aims it at the girl and fires a debilitating ray at them, and they drop.
The Doctor straps them to operating beds and pulls out his device “The Excrutiator” and waves it over the girls, putting them through tremendous pain, torturing them and testing how much they can handle.
He then decides its time to test their sensitive parts, and tickles both girls, making them laugh and squirm in their binds.
The Doctor decides that he has run enough tests and that it is time to breed, He starts by fucking Wonder Woman’s face, then unstraps her and starts to fuck her from behind, then flips her up onto the bed and fucks her till he cums all over her.
While the Mad Doctor fucks Wonder Woman, Supergirl slides her hand out of her bonds, and when he jumps on her to breed, she punches him in his martian face and the two girls escape!
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Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroines, Costumes, Aliens, Costumes, Bondage, Fighting, Struggling, Torture, Tickling, Blow Jobs, Pantyhose Ripping, Nudity, Fucking, Cumshots

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Duratio: 00:33:18
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