Amateur Boxxx – Alina, Karlee – Boss Mind Control’s His two Bombshell Secretaries HD 720p

limp - 2413 His two Bombshell Secretaries.mp4

Charlie is the big boss at work that none of the pretty girls seem to like. I guess it’s because he’s a total pervert. He always brushes up on the women employee’s in a so called “accidental matter” while he fondles the their bodies. Not to mention that he is married and has offspring. He totally skives out his own secretaries, ALINA & KARLEE all the time, who hate being around him. They would quit but the pay and the benefits are too good to pass up, even with Charlie’s creepiness. In Charlie’s defense, his wife never gives him any attention and he’s tired of always beating off alone. So when some of the guys from R&D happen to drop off a couple pair of Experimental Glasses for him to test out, he decides to use his secretaries as guinea pigs. He calls them into the conference room and has the ladies put on the glasses. They do as he says and suddenly, they are mesmerized. At first Charlie thinks it’s a joke and that the girls are just playing a trick on him, but when he asks them to show him their tits and they do it with no hesitation, he knows the glasses work for real. Charlie proceeds to have his way with them. He makes his two secretaries dyke out while he tells them what to do and he films it. Once Charlie is finished, he orders the ladies to get dressed. Next he tells them that they will remember nothing and in fact they will both have a crush on Charlie. Finally, he has the girls take off the glasses and they are completely normal and don’t remember a thing. They walk out of the conference room completely happy and horny for Charlie. What a wonderful world.

While being under a trance, the boss makes them make out, eat each others pussies out, to show him her boobs, to suck their toes and to masturbate while looking to the camera

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:34:48
Size: 1518 Mb

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