Primal Fetish Kenna Valentina, Veronica Love Wunder Woman – The Price of Magic HD mp4

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Stever Tremer has to deliver a case of very sensitive government information. Kenna, the new office admin comes in to bring him a snack so that he can keep his strength up for the mission. But, one bite of apple and Steve drops to the floor

Meanwhile Dana Prince is outside the door planning to tell Steve about her feelings. She peeks in to make sure he is alone and sees what is going on. She runs off to transform into Wunder Woman

WW runs back and confronts Kenna, who makes a transformation of her own, into the Wicked Queen. WW is pralyzed by Wicked Queen’s spell as she makes her escape through a magic portal

WW finds a tracking device for the case and confronts Wicked Queen, this time she struggles and is able to force her way past Wicked Queens magic and get her hands around her neck, but the Wicked Queen makes a deal to break the spell on Steve and WW makes the mistake of listening. The Wicked Queen uses her medallion to mesmerize the superheroine an then has her way, using a wand to make WW cum and complete the spell to make WW her sex slave. After taking her pleasure from WW the Wicked Queen keeps her promise by kissing WW and transferring the rest spell from Steve to the Amazon Princess. WW collapses and back at the OSI headquarters Steve wakes up. He uses another tracking device to find the case and instead finds a “napping” Wunder Woman. He is no match for the Wicked Queen and strikes a deal to free WW from the spell.

It will take more then a kiss and Steve has to fuck the “napping” WW hard a deep and then cum on her lips, he is ashamed to do it but he must save her so he does the deed and WW slowly starts to respond, finally coming “awake” as her face is covered in Steve’s cum .

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