Sofia Rivera, Cory Chase in Super Gurl vs Deadpool – Writing comes true FullHD 1080p c4s

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Deadpool pulls of her skirt and continues to whip her helpless body. Gagged she can’t beg for him to stop as he rubs her pussy and whips her ass pink. The once powerful Super Gurl is reduced to sucking cock out in the open for everyone to see.

Flipped around Deadpool examines the kryptonite butt plug he inserted into Super Gurl’s ass and gets her pussy ready. She moans involuntarily when his hard cock starts to violate her pussy. He uses her as his fuck puppet, pushing her to the ground and fucking her like she was a . “No no” she shakes her head when he makes her taste her own pussy by sucking him.

Cum Whore, he writes on her ass as he fucks her to the edge of cumming. With Slut written on her face he jerks his cock and shoots his load over the Super heroines sad face. “Please let me go” she pleads with him as cum streams down her face. “Please… Please” are the last things she says as she’s left tied up and humiliated.

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