Amateur Boxxx Daisy Stone – supergirl is mesmerized by Lex Luther FullHD 1080p

limp - 2451 Super Hero Daisy Stone Gets Fucked by Arch Villain.mp4

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Super Hero Daisy Stone Gets Fucked by Arch Villain

Lex is building a secret weapon out of Kryptonite so he can over power Super Girl. He has just about finished it. He wants to test to it out on her. Lex is pretty confident that it will work. He just needs Super Girl to show up so he can trap her. He proceeds to Broadcast on Social Media that he is going to unleash a weapon to the planet that will destroy everything and give him total control over everyone. He proceeds to brag that nobody can save them, not even Super Girl, he even gives out exact coordinates to where he is and challenges her. Super Girl, who is at work, sees the Social Blast. She quickly leaves her desk, goes to the bathroom, and changes into her Super Girl Outfit. She then hauls ass, super fast, to where Lex is. Super Girl Proceeds to fight with Lex. She is just about to overpower him and win. She asks him where the super device is. Lex just laughs and tells her there is no super device and that the entire thing was just a trap to get her there. Lex then shoots a greenish/Purple vapor spray into the air. (it’s kryptonite/mind control spray) Super Girl becomes powerless and falls under his control. He commands her to do various things. Use her super breath, use her lasor eyes, etc.. He then mind controls her and has her masturbate, touch his privates, then he Shags her and shoots his load inside her. Once he is finished he blasts on social media that he has Super Girl under his control, he then has Super Girl tell the world that LEX LUTHER IS HER MASTER.

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