Pepper Kester, Nate Liquor, Dixie Comet, Ashley Lane – Office Sex Slaves Part One FullHD 1080p

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In Part Two of the series, Detective Kester has taken a leave of absence from her position at the Chicago PD to go searching for her step-sister Ashley who went missing mysteriously. She tracks her movements to a job interview at a design firm registered to ‘Wainwright Holdings LLC’ and goes to investigate which is what brings her to Nate’s door. He invites her in and listens to her story. She shows him a picture of her step-sister Ashley and he says that he hasn’t seen her, and she’s very pretty so he’s sure he would’ve remembered. He adds, however, that his assistant Dixie is the lead in all employment interviews so she might remember. Luckily she’s in the office that day so he shows her to her desk.

Dixie takes a long look at Ashley’s picture and says she surely remembers her. They had a nice interview but they just decided to hire someone else and so she didn’t have any further contact. She did admit that she was concerned about Ashley’s attractiveness, mentioning that her boss is a bit of a skirt-chaser and that she feared Ashley was a lawsuit waiting to happen. With this off hand remark, Dixie nonchalantly begins her induction process to gain control of Pepper’s mind. Her methodical swinging metal balls grab Pepper’s attention and slowly pull her mind in and under Dixie’s control. When she has complete control over Pepper and has turned her into a mindless slave for training, Nate returns with a smile. He can’t believe their luck in nabbing sisters, and both HOT! They are going to make them so much money, he says as he instructs Dixie to begin Pepper’s training while he makes some sales calls. Dixie orders Pepper to strip while she removes her own clothing. Next she goes to great lengths to insure that Pepper is adequately instructed in the art of pussy licking as she will most likely be sold off as a pair with her step-sister to a horny and devious couple.

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