Primal Fetish Dee Williams – Billionaire Breaking Bad – EPISODE 1 – Darlings new Haircut FullHD 1080p

limp - 2453 Darlings new Haircut

limp - 2453 Darlings new Haircut.mp4

Now that Kruel has Darling at his mercy he decides to get information out of her

InT. Day. Receptionist Office.

Intro – Darling trying to talk his way past “Mitzy” Ends with Mitzy tied and gagged

InT. Day. Office.

Kruel is sitting at his desk. Darling, dressed like a secretary walks in with a tray holing lube, rope and a gag.


Hello Mr Kruel, I am your new, (innuendo) Personal assistant.


My new assistant huh? Are you qualified?


(takes off top and pulls down skirt revealing black bra and garter set)Do I look qualified?


(touches button on his desk phone)Mitzy, hold all my calls

Cut to Kruel Tied up getting a handjob by Darling.


(Stroking slowly) You seem so stressed…anything, on your mind?

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