Primal Fetish Tyler Faith , Kenna Valentina – Billionaire Breaking Bad – Episode 4 FULL SCENE – Domo Arigato Mr Roboto FullHD 1080p

limp - 2454 Episode 4 Big Tit MILF Spy Captured and Fucked by Robot

limp - 2454 Episode 4 Big Tit MILF Spy Captured and Fucked by Robot.mp4

Valentina Vixen, head of V.I.C.E (Vixen Investigations and Corporate Espionage) briefs agent Faith Tyes on the Dr Bellum case. Faith listens carefully while attentively massaging Valentina’s soft perfect feet and the briefing continues as Faith paints Valentina’s toes while she enjoys a few cigarettes

Faith, using her false credentials as a nurse infaltrates a private hospital owned by suspected addcuctore Thomas Kruel, just as she discovers a secret entrance she hears someone coming. Faith gets the drop on Mynx and after tucking her away she heads through the passage in a more suitable outfit

She discovers Dr Ciro Bellum working in an underground lab, but when she tries to rescue the young genius she finds out he is not one of Kruel’s victims, but an accomplace. He uses an experimental spray and Faith loses control

Young Dr Bellum is getting more than he bargained for as Faith is insatiable and could sex the life out of him. Fortunately for Ciro, one of his many phD’s is in robotics and he is able to call for aid. Armed with a powerful orgasm stimulating attachment Mr Roboto takes control of Faith and she has one orgasm after another until she short circuits the attachment

Far from satisfied insatiable Faith probes the robot and finds that he is fully…equiped. Huge Robo-cock seems to be almost more than Faith can take, but she powers on and overloads the robot causing massge system failure

Dr Bellum comes in a rush to discover one of hie prize inventions a smoldering wreck, and still Faith needs more sex, Bellum gives her all he’s got making the wild woman cum on his cock before blowing his own load. Still Faith wants more and Bellum is forced to put a rag over her mouth to save his own life

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