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When Nate finds an old bottle at the junk shop he thinks it will make a great gift for his Aunt’s curio shelf but when he tries to polish it up, something bizarre happens and Genie Dixie pops out of it in a puff of smoke. He can’t believe his own eyes but she assures him that she is in fact real and so is the fact that he is now her master and entitled to three wishes. His surprise is replaced with excitement as he tries to decide what to wish for. Suddenly it hits him, “Duh! What does everyone use their first wish for?! A million dollars, of course!” With a nod of her head and a flash of smoke he suddenly finds a large bag full of cash in his hands. Nate can’t believe his wish actually came true and is so distracted by planning what to spend all his money on that he completely forgets about his second wish… and the Genie. Not one to be ignored, sexy Genie Dixie does a little hip-swinging dance over to him and plops herself down right on his lap. Caught off guard, Nate finally notices that his genie has a bangin body and beautiful face to match. He gets a sly look on his face and informs her that for his second wish he would like her to be his Sex Servant. Genie Dixie doesn’t bat an eyelash at this intrusion and is in fact eager to please as she stands and nods her head making her clothes disappear in a magical puff. Standing before him now naked, she quickly gets to her knees and pulls out his cock while telling him that “Master’s wish is my command.” Genie Dixie give him a world class blow job, sucking and gagging on his cock until it’s nice and wet. She then climbs on top of him and slides his dick in her pussy, bouncing up and down on it with her nice tits in his face. He flips her over to be on top and pounds her pussy until he finally shoots his load inside her. As he gets off of her she scrambles to hold his jizz inside her pussy as it tries to spill out. As he sits back and pulls on his clothes she asks him if the sex was satisfactory. He exclaims that is was fantastic, the best sex he’s ever had. In fact, he says, her pussy was so tight and perfect he could fuck her for the rest of his life. With that comment he has fallen into her trap and with a nod of her head and a puff of smoke she replies, “your wish is my command, Master.” When the smoke clears he is surprised to find her in a wedding dress and him in a suit jacket and tie. Noting his confusion, she explains that if he wants to fuck her forever they need to be married. After a very quick and otherworldly ceremony they are pronounced man and wife as she kisses his shocked face. He tries to explain that this is not what he had in mind but instead she informs him that they will need to get a bigger house. When he asks her why she nods her head again in and one last magic puff she suddenly is 9 months pregnant and patting her belly. “For our growing family, of course!” she replies with a smile as he holds his head in his hands.

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