Goddess Natalie in Barbie doll worship & feminization FullHD 1080p

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You come back from work without realising that you forgot to turn your laptop off before leaving the house in the morning. You also left it pretty much in the middle of the livingroom, for your roomate to easily see. Oh and…should I mention that you also forgot to close that window with a sissy porn video you were watching? haha you’re basically caught! You keep trying to deny and tell me it was probably a pop-up and that you’re a manly man who would never be into that kind of stuff. But then I tell you I also looked through your browsing history just to make sure I’m right…and yep…you are indeed a sissy hahaha you keep trying to make me think otherwise, but I insist you should try wearing my silky pink robe on top of your clothes just to see how it makes you feel. Instantaneously, you feel transform, a lot more girly and feminine and you stop trying to deny your sissy fetish. I then offer to help you become more feminine and pull out a Barbie doll from my childhood, show you what make up and clothes she wears and tell you exactly what you should get to look like her. I promise you a make-up session once you get the make-up we need and we start doing some online shopping together, just like girls. You start to idealize and worship the Barbie doll so much, that you just can’t help it: you want to look just like her too!

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