Psychological humiliation – Fake it ’til you Make it pindick! FullHD 1080p

limp - 2463 Fake it til you Make it pindick.mp4

Horny and hot, psychological humiliation blended with ego stroking. Cruel and kind. Arousing, confusing and intense. The imagination is POWERFUL, I am even more so. We are going to pretend you have a big, thick cock. You are going to stroke your heavy, thick, throbbing cock for Me with your shoulders back and head held high. Like a real man, like a big strong man.
I know that the only way you have been able to cope with having a small cock is to become a willing victim of humiliation. I also know that sometimes it’s too much, you wish you could be normal. If it wasn’t for your cock you would probably be alpha. You would maybe get to fuck women like Me. It is so unfortunate; you are a small-dicked-loser.simply because your dick grew wrong.

I’m so encouraging, so SEXY and powerful it is so easy to let go and PRETEND. I want you to CUM for Me, there will be SO much CUM from your PERFECT cock, your BIG heavy manly balls..only BIG boys get to see My nipples. Say it ‘I am a BIG boy for Madam Violet’. I squeeze My naked tits as I call My BIG boy..CUM for Me with you BIG COCK, yes, YES!
Then it’s over. You’re a lose again. I give you what you want and take it away, and now you NEED Me, you NEED to be My BIG boy once again…

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