The Tabooddhist – Alexa Raye – Alexa Pleases Her Step-Daddy FullHD 1080p c4s

limp - 2472 Alexa Pleases Her StepDaddy

limp - 2472 Alexa Pleases Her StepDaddy.mp4

Alexa loves her step-daddy. He plays all sorts of fun games with her; of course, never when step-mommy is around. First is dress up, and look at all the pretty things that step-daddy has laid out for her. She doesn’t mind getting dressed in front of him. He’s the man of the house and it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. Some of the things, step-daddy has to put on himself, like the leather shackles on her wrists and ankles, and a black ball gag. She thought these were strange, at first, but step-daddy explained that they were for her own good. She squirms and squeals so much when step-daddy’s whiskers tickle her little coochie, he doesn’t want her falling off the bed, or getting so loud that step-mommy finds out. He’s so considerate! He has a large vibrating wand that he holds right between his baby girl’s legs, making her little girl parts so wet. It’s almost too much! She thrashes on the bed, moaning through the gag, arching her back when she cums, just like a big girl. Step-Daddy is so proud! It’s not all about pleasure though, as step-daddy turns her over and spanks and flogs her perfect, round ass, leaving hand prints of red on those sexy globes. Next it’s time for tiny Alexa to get on her knees. She knows what to do, as she takes step-daddy into her mouth, suckling on the tip of his cock, looking up at him submissively as she licks at his heavy sack. He throws her back on the bed, holding her legs apart and sliding into her tight, young snatch. He knows his baby girl can’t take much more. She’s already cum so many times! Flipping her over, face down and ass up, he holds her curvy hips and pumps into her like big daddies do. Soon, he pulls out of her tight and creamy hole, frosting her sexy bum with a coating of ball juice. Alexa feels so close to her step-daddy when she feels his hot and sticky step-daddy cream running down her skin and she smiles, wondering when they will get to play again.

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