DC Universal Olive, Rock and Kyle – The Madd Bomber 720p

limp - 2784 THE MADD BOMBER.mp4

Bat-Man is training his new Robin, they got a report that The Madd Bomber has broken into a building and is setting up explosives throughout. Bat-Man takes his young sidekick and tells her to handle it while he watches. While Robin is searching, Madd sneaks up and hits her in the head with a fire extinguisher, he then ties her up and shoves a small explosive down her throat. He fondles her till she wakes up, then he tells her that the bombs are going off any minute, as he turns his back, Robin quickly gets out of her binds and runs up to him and attacks, the fight is even, as he is old and she is untrained. Madd eventually pins her to the wall when Bat-Man appears and knocks him down, Bat-Man tells Madd that he has disabled all the bombs in the building.Laughing, Madd tells them that he forgot one, the one in her stomach! And since he holds the detonator, he is in control. He tells Bat-Man to fuck Robin, Bat-Man doesn’t want to, he has trained Robin for a long time, he is her mentor and father-figure, but he has to. So, after a blow job, the dysfunctional duo fuck, Robin hides her enjoyment as Bat-Man fucks her on the floor and against the wall till he has had enough and demands that Madd diffuse the explosive, Madd laughs as he leaves, telling them that he will once he is miles away.

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Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:22:34
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