Limp Play – Batgurl’s Revenge On The Feline Fink FullHD 1080p

limp - 2801 Revenge On The Feline Fink.mp4

Batgurl enters the living room after a long day of crime fighting and sits back on the sofa with a martini to relax. Silently, Catwoman slinks into the room and purrs up behind Batgurl, surprising her and making her spill her drink. Batgurl demands to know how she found her and Catwoman says “A little birdy told me. right before I ate it.” She continues to say that she is there to offer a truce. She says she has decided that they should work together in solidarity as women against their common true enemy. Batgurl asks what common enemy they could possibly have and Catwoman tells her that it’s Batman. He’s always thwarting her crimes and stealing Batgurl’s limelight. Batgurl defiantly says that she would never join forces with a villain and that Catwoman should prepare to be taken to jail. Catwoman rolls her eyes and tells her so much for solidarity so now she has to do things the hard way. She pulls out a canister and sprays Batgurl with gas, sending her into lala land.
When Batgurl wakes, she’s been stripped out of most of her costume and is tied to the chair, legs spread wide open. Catwoman says she’ll convince her of the pleasures of the dark side while playfully groping her a bit. She stuffs Batgurl’s mouth with a rag and places three pieces of tape over her mouth to keep her quiet. Finally, Catwoman slides between Batgurl’s legs and licks her pussy. She makes Batgurl cum and then kisses her over her gag. She tells her that they aren’t done yet because she needs to taste the pussy’s pussy.. She starts to strip out of her costume, turning her ass toward Batgurl to shake it at her seductively. When she does, Batgurl manages to break out of her bonds and grab her from behind. She hand over mouths her until she’s out. Batgurl is going to get a little revenge on the feline fink before turning her over to the authorities.
Catwoman is stripped out of her costume and tied to a pole in a basement with a leg spreader. She struggles and laughs about Batgurl having her trapped. Batgurl comes in and as she shoves a ball gag in Catwoman’s mouth she tells her that she’ll never be tempted by the “dark side”. Also, that Catwoman was in fact right and she doesn’t want to be rude and not return the favor, just in her own way and just before carting her off to Commissioner Gordon to pay for her crimes. She kneels and licks Catwoman’s pussy and makes her cum. She leaves her there struggling and comes back with the phone, talking to Commissioner Gordon. She tells him she has a little package for him of the feline variety and then smiles at Catwoman’s frustration as she struggles in her binds.

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