Jerky Wives – Jmac, Cory Chase – Remote Control Step Sister HD 720p c4s

limp - 2873 Cory Chase in Hot MILF Episodes

limp - 2873 Cory Chase in Hot MILF Episodes1

Luke has turned his wife, Cory, in to a sex bot, and he is using her mouth for his own pleasure. He shoves his cock in and out of her mouth, until his phone starts to ring. “I have to come in to the office now?! I’m in the middle of something!” he says in to the phone. “Okay, I’ll be right there…” he quickly puts his pants back on and he shoves the remote control in between Cory’s tits. “We’ll finish this later!” he says to her, as she is still unresponsive. A few minutes later, JMac walks in to the room to find his step-sister frozen on the floor. “What’s going on?!” he asks himself. He grabs the remote and he starts to press buttons. Cory comes back to life and she screams “What are you doing, you pervert?!” JMac presses another button and he freezes her again. He stands Cory up and then he pulls her shirt off of her. Then he unhooks her green bra and he starts to grab at her tits. “So nice!” he exclaims. He pulls her white skirt down, so he can grab at her ass cheeks. He pulls her panties down and then he spins her around in a circle, so he can admire her whole body. He brings her down to her knees and he opens her mouth wide. He takes his hard cock out and he shoves his cock inside of her mouth. He uses her mouth for a blowjob, just like Luke was doing earlier. He moves her body over to the couch and he spreads her legs. He starts to lick her pussy now. “Damn sis, you have a good tasting pussy!” he exclaims. After he eats her out for a few minutes, he is finally ready to shove his cock inside of her. He fucks her in the missionary position for while, and then he decides to move her body in to the doggy style position. “How about I take you to the bedroom…” he whispers to her. He picks her body up and he brings her over to his bed. He lies her body down flat on her back, and he shoves his cock in her mouth again. He makes her give him a blowjob while he plays with her big tits. Then, he jerks his cock off all over her face. He tries to get as much of his cum in her mouth as he can! “You look so pretty now!” he exclaims. He props her up on the bed and he tells her “I like you so much better like this!”

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