Kryptonian Rilynn Rae – Super Girl Meets Dr. Wayne Brenen 720p

limp - 2868 sexy brunette supergirl control 720p.mp4

Featuring Rilynn Rae, Rock and Brock – Dr. Wayne Brenen, evil genius, has constructed a new doomsday device, this more powerful than anything he has ever done. A helmet, disguised as a virtual reality simulator, but really is a mind control device, specially calibrated with kryptonite, strong enough to take control over any person born under the red sun. Dr. Brenen calls young journalist Miss Kara Kent, who he believes is Super Girl, in for an exclusive interview. After convincing her to try it on, he activates it and now has Super Girl completely under his control. Now the only thing left before her mission of destruction is a kryptonian blow job and some super fucking!

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:24:02
Size: 346 Mb

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