Lexxi Blakk – Stepbrothers Magic Necklace ahegao SD mp4

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Bratty sister catches you spying on her sext with her boyfriend, pissed off and grossed out she tries to kick you out of her room threatening to tell mom, but she doesn’t know what you’ve got… a Magic Necklace that will mesmerize her into being your cock sucking slave. you pull it out and at first she mocks you but slowly as you swing it she starts to fall under its spell…occasionally breaking free she mutters how she doesn’t want to disoriented by your curse she falls back under pulling out her tits dropping to her knees and opening her mouth wide. you stuff yourself inside her and she gives you one of the messiest cock crazed blowjobs you ever had, you fill her mouth with cum making a huge mess all over her. when everythings over she begins to realize whats going on and freaks out finally kicking you out of her room covered in your cum

Format: mp4
Resolution: 406 x 720
Duration: 00:12:59
Size: 82 Mb

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