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“Please, let me spend the night. Harmony is so lucky to have you, I wish you were my stepdad.” Lexi pleads, with her little tongue gliding over her braces.

“Lexi was telling me how much she adores you, how you’re the best step-daddy in the world. Can she call you step-daddy?” Harmony asks, already knowing the answer as her stepfather stares at the glittering metal in Lexi’s mouth.

“Please step-daddy?” Lexi begs with a smile.

“Don’t worry, step-mom’s still at work.” Harmony reassures her step-daddy, but for how long? He wonders.

“I promise to be a good little girl Step-Daddy, just like Harmony. Can I show you step-daddy? Can I kiss you?“

“Can she? Please, while step-mommy’s gone?” Harmony begs rubbing his thigh, but he resists as best he can, what if she told someone?

“I promise no one will know step-daddy. I’ll keep it a secret.” Lexi says, almost as if she can read his mind.

“Isn’t she pretty step-daddy? Wouldn’t you like to feel her mouth on yours?”

“Wouldn’t you like to feel our tongues swirling around your mouth step-daddy?”

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