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Harmony was so happy after she seduced her stepfather. She’s spend all day just doodling little drawings of him with hearts as she tease her little wet pussy hoping he’d come play with her again after her step-mom went to bed, but lately he’s been avoiding her. When she tried to fuck him again while step-mom was out with friends, he told her its was wrong and that he made a mistake. Her eyes welled up with tears as he explained that he only loved her as a stepdaughter and nothing more. After wiping away her tears she decided to do something, there was no way she’d let the love of her life go that easy!

One night she stole his laptop and started searching through all of his porn to find out what turned him on…threesomes, schoolgirl uniforms and….braces? If step-daddy likes braces then Harmony knows just the girl. Lexi was the cheer captain and she had pretty little mouth full of shiny metal braces.

Harmony invites her over one day after school and learns that she has a crush on this older guy. “Really? I’m see an older guys too” Harmony gushes thinking about her stepfather.

“Yeah, he’s like a senior in college, so it’s a real big age difference” Lexi confesses, completely unaware that Harmony’s “older guy” is twice their age.

“You know, I could cast a spell on this college boy so he’s fall madly inlove with you” Harmony teases as she starts to think of a plan.

“Now close you eyes” Harmony tells Lexi as she swaps out strand of the college boy’s hair for one from her step daddy. A blue flame flashes as the spell begins and Lexi open’s her eyes, a blank stare on her face as she looks at Harmony for guidance. “Repeat after me. He is all that I want.”

“He is all that I want” Lexi says back flatly.

“He is all that I need”

“He is all that I need”

“Sacred spirits, I call upon thee.” Harmony continues.

“Sacred spirits, I call upon thee.”

“Show me the light. Show me the path”

“Show me the light. Show me the path.” Lexi repeats back robotically. Harmony pauses, and decides to do the rest in Latin to avoid Lexi realizing she’s turning herself into a sex slave.

“Dabo ei omnino” Harmony says and Lexi repeats back perfectly.

“Dabo ei omnino”

Once she gets Lexi to bind herself, body, mind and soul to her stepfather, she take her to go see step-daddy while her step-mom is away.

“Can Lexi rest over tonight?” Harmony innocently asks with Lexi swaying in front of her stepfather.

“Please Mr. Wonder” Lexi teases. Harmony’s stepdad looks up at them speechless, he knows where this is going, he knows its wrong, but he also doesn’t want them to stop.

“Do you want us to beg step-daddy?” Harmony asks and they both fall to their knees in front of him.

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