Primal Fetish Ivy Secret – The Entranced by her Neighbor HD 720p

limp - 3526 Ivy Secret The Entranced by her Neighbor

limp - 3526 Ivy Secret The Entranced by her Neighbor.mp4

Also I forgot to mention but if possible can you ask the model to wear eye-shadow, if she can’t then no big deal, just a thing haha. Anyways thank you again and I can’t wait to see what you shoot as your customs have been untouchable by anyone, you guys are the real deal!!

Mesmerize scenes

When told to obey goes into instant trance with blank look (no cross eyes please) and says “I will obey”, arms drop to sides and stares forward.

SCENE – When her neighbor is rejected by model he decides it’s time he tried his skills in mesmerize to finally get her to see things his way…..but things don’t really go his way to begin with…

*Scene starts with the neighbor watching the model go out (dressed differently to main outfit). Once she’s out he sneaks over and steels her mail so he has an excuse to talk to her.

*He picks up her mail and says how nervous he is as this is finally his chance to use his mesmerize skills on her that he has practiced for so long. He walks away saying how he can’t wait to finally mesmerizetize her.

*Model arrives home later in the day and the neighbor stops her outside to give her the mail. He makes a little small talk and tells her how great she looks.

*He then nervously tells her he really likes her and asks if she would like to go on a date

*Model thanks him but says she’s just not interested in him and she is already going on a date tonight. She thanks him for the mail and goes to leave.

*He says here goes and tells her he has just found this necklace/pendant and if she looks close she might recognise it.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:55:37
Size: 1499 Mb

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