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My life has become so fucking boring. All I do is work, take care of the family and pay the bills. My wife has become a total bitch over the years. At first she was a wild one in and out of the bedroom. Kind, caring and great to be around. Now she’s a fucking nightmare. All she cares about if the house is clean, the garbage is out, is the laundry done, is the grass cut, did you vacuum today! Fuck! She cares more about playing that fucking word game on her phone than being with her family. The worse part is all she does is yell to get her point across! “Don’t tell me what to do! Don’t talk to me like that! You never listen to me! Just fuck me on my back! I don’t want to get on top! Hurry up and cum!” It’s sucks! Our sex life is at a stand still, the only time we fuck is when she’s laid out from partying too much and that’s even a struggle. It was getting bad. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was going nuts living in her anger I needed some change or a divorce lawyer but divorce wasn’t the answer, yet. Last week I saw online that men were controlling women using a remote control. So I did some research and found a website that actually sold Chinese Mind Controlling Remotes. I quickly ordered the most expensive remote. The model that allows me to control my wife with the push of a button, The My Wife 5000. At first I didn’t believe it but after reading the reviews and watching the Remote work in their “How To Do Videos” I ordered it. The remote came quickly and I’m about to try it out on my wife as soon as she gets home from wherever she was. Let’s make her do some chores for a change and let Daddy have some fun

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