Peachy Skye – SPH Teeny Willy Therapy FullHD 1080p

limp - 3610 SPH Teeny Willy Therapy.mp4

So, you’re embarrassed by your teeny tiny little willy and you’ve decided to come to Dr Peaches for some therapy? Big mistake.. she will ridicule you for having such a tiny little cock, compare it to all sorts of tiny little things, laugh at you, make you repeat phrases about how incredibly TINY it is and SO much more. **Custom video description** You’re a therapist & I’ve come to you because I’m worried about my small penis. You say that lots of men have this problem & it’s nothing to be ashamed about. You ask me to show you, promising that you won’t laugh. I drop my pants and you laugh as you see my tiny penis. You say you were wrong, I should totally be ashamed of that tiny little thing! You say it’s so small it doesn’t deserve to be called a penis, it’s just a tiny little willy! You mock me, saying things like “who’s got a teeny tiny willy?” and “look at that itty-bitty winky.” You say it’s so tiny you need to put your glasses on to see it & can you use a magnifying glass as well if you have one. You measure it with a tape & laugh when you see it’s only 1 inch! You write in your notes how small it is & then show me what you’ve written. You compare it to small objects & make the small dick sign at me. You make me repeat lots of humiliating phrases like “I’m a loser with a tiny little willy” and “women laugh at my tiny willy.” You make me wank in front of you to humiliate me even more. You know from my referral notes that I have a fetish for big bottoms so you’re going to tease me with yours. You wiggle your big bottom in front of me, teasing me with what I can never have. You squeeze & spank it saying you know just how much I wish I could do that. You call me a pervert & tell me to wank over your big bottom. You keep mocking my tiny willy until I cum & laugh as you see the pathetic little load I produce. You say that this is the only sort of attention I’m ever going to get from women, to have them laugh at me & ridicule my tiny little willy! Please can you say the word ‘willy’ lots of times to really embarrass me, and also the words ‘big bottom’ as they’re trigger words for me.

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