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Angel is trying out for her Sex University varsity cheer team. Mr. Walcott, her coach invited her over for a an afternoon tryout. Getting started the sexy and tiny co-ed begins stretching warming up each and every muscle. The little vixen albeit nervous, begins her routine. However, absent from her knowledge, Mr. Walcott has his special timestop watch which allows him to stop time while staying immune from its time warping powers. He presses the button freezing her for just a moment while he begins to toy with his students clothes. Each time he unfreezes her, the effervescent little teacup from Sex U, quickly unmusses her skimpy clothes and continues her routine, completely unaware what is happening. Mr. Walcott wanting to escalate the fun freezes her again, and begins stripping her down naked. He ravishes her luscious little butt before bending her over the couch to give her a good pounding. Each time he switches positions he unfreezes her to make her a little more moldable and also to give her a little glimpse of all the fun he is having with her sexy body. After a final thrust, Mr. Walcott squirts his load into her tight little pussy and redresses her, rolling her onto the floor to make his cover. He unfreezes her and not sure what just happened, Mr. Walcott tells her she fell. Embarrassed, she flees her failed tryout.

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