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She nods and he permits her to suck him off once more. Seeing how well she took the news he decides to tell her what his plans are, “You’re in a sorority aren’t you?” “Yes master” she says briefly coming up for air “I want you to take my candy and dose all of your sorority sisters, do you understand?” “All of them?” she responds in disbelief. “How may are there?” “Thirty master” He likes the sound of that. “I want them all by the end of the week” he commands “Anything master” she pleads hoping he won’t take his cock away He takes her to the bed and make her crawl close to his face. “I want you to tell me that you love me” he commands. She hesitates. “I l-l-love you master” she barely gets out “Again” “I love you master” “Good girl, now say please fuck me” “Please fuck me master” Master gets behind her so she can look right into came as he fucks her. She praises him as he uses her, thanking him for making her his fucktoy. “You going to bring them all to me?” he asks “Yes master I promise I’ll bring them all to you” Once he’s had his had his fill he permits her to slobber all of his cock as she begs for his cum, promising to bring all thirty of her sisters under his power. “We’ll all worship you master, we kiss and lick every inch of your body, we’ll pleasure you all at the same time” she begs until he cums for her

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