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Welcome to the mindfuck machine. In order to activate the machine, you must start sniffing poppers. Take a hit like a good little goon slut. Sniff poppers for me addict. Let’s get this machine running, shall we? Inhale. Fill your body with poppers. And let’s turn that machine on. Good boy. No, don’t stop. Keep sniffing more poppers. Do you feel it running? Yes, you feel your heart start to race. You feel your mind start to get dizzy as you get sucked into the machine’s mechanisms. Losing control of your own machine, that goon brain of yours, and becoming part of this one. Sniff, poppers addict, and let the machine take over. But you haven’t seen anything yet. In order to start the mindfucking mechanism, we need to activate that with your cock. Grab that joystick and pump for me. Pump it. Turn on the mindfuck mechanism. Don’t hold back, show me how much of an edge slut you really are when you’re high on poppers for me, loser. Show me just how desperate you are to stroke. Pump it. Pump it. Feel the machine working, feel your mind being fucked. Stroke, stroke, stroke, and let the machine take over. And don’t you dare stop sniffing, the machine likes it when you sniff. It aids with the mindfuck, my little goon slut. Pump, pump, pump, now just let go and give yourself over to me. Follow along with my stroking, with my pumping. The more you pump, the more the machine activates. The harder and faster you stroke, the more the mindfuck, the deeper you go, the weaker you become. That’s it, don’t stop. You feel yourself getting weaker and weaker in the mindfuck machine, don’t you? And any time you want to go deeper, loser, all you have to do is pump harder and sniff more poppers. You become weaker and more and more susceptible to the triggers of the mindfuck machine. Just give in to how good it feels. Give in to the gooning and let the triggers begin implanting in your brain. Goon and lose yourself as the machine does its work. There is no escape now, you are trapped, trapped inside the mindfuck machine. You are being conditioned to love the mindfuck, to love the humiliation. Your brain is softening. You are becoming more and more pliable. Wreck your brain with poppers as you goon your brains out. You’re getting addicted to the feeling of being on the edge, to the feeling of that hand wrapped around your cock. The only time this machine turns off is when you cum. But you don’t want to cum. You just want to goon. You want to be implanted with trigger after the trigger, making it impossible for you to stop sniffing and gooning. The mindfuck machine feels so good, doesn’t it? Yes, I know it does. You’re getting addicted to it. You love being trapped. You love being mindfucked and manipulated by me and the machine. Edging feels better than cumming. Stroking in the mindfuck machine feels better than an orgasm ever could. You love the mindfuck machine. It’s safe here. You don’t ever want to leave, and if you don’t stop stroking, you never will. There’s no escape, there’s just bliss, and edging and trigger after trigger as you pump and pump. You find it almost impossible to take your hand off of your cock. You just want to keep stroking. You just want to pump and activate that machine further and further. You just wanna sniff and lose yourself in the machine. You like being trapped here. You love this, don’t you? Remember you can be set free at any time, all you have to do is cum, all you have to do is take your hand off of your cock. But you can’t, can you? It just feels so good. It feels so good to reach edge after edge. Even though you know the machine is mindfucking you, and you know that your brain is getting weaker and softer the more you sniff and pump, even though you know that this is destroying your mind, you still can’t stop. You’re beginning to realize that there is no escape. You are going to loop this over and over again so you can stay in the mindfuck machine. And I think you’ll find that after all the triggers that I’ve implanted today, you want to be here forever. You never want to leave. So just give yourself over to the mindfuck machine.

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