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Dallas was a busty blonde realtor. She arrived alone at a house that she intended to show to some clients around later in the day. She wanted to check the place out first and clean it up. By an unlucky coincidence, she happened to enter just as a hardened thief was his own way in upstairs. While she had a brief phone conversation with a friend, the thief came out on the landing and spotting her downstairs. Dallas did not notice him, and he was able to get a good look at her. He liked what he saw. Her short skirt showed off long, shapely legs. Her tight blouse betrayed the curves of two nice, big tits. She seemed to be a much better find than any valuables that might be left around. Staying back, moving stealthily, using walls and objects to conceal himself, the thief continued to spy Dallas as she moved around the house. First he snatched some glimpses down her blouse as she stooped to straighten some cushions. Later, after she had come upstairs, he watched her from behind as she bent to make a bed. The sight of her skirt rising up to show off her thighs and pulling taut to hug the outline of her butt was a major turn on for the thief. In his hiding place he pulled out his cock and began stroking it. Dallas was only a few feet from him and had no idea of the imminent danger she was in. She had gone into another room, bent over and tended a second bed, and was about to draw some drapes when the thief made his move. He sneaked straight up from behind and grabbed her. He wrapped an arm about her torso. His strong hand clamped down over her mouth at the same time. Dallas tensed and tried to scream out at the touch. But her only sound was a muffle. Her attempts to struggle free were useless. The thief was strong and determined. In a menacing voice, he told her to do exactly as he said – or face the worse. Dallas seemed to comply, but instinctively she fended the thief off when he tried to feel her tits through her blouse. There was a brief scuffle between them that the thief easily won. Grown more aggressive, he threw Dallas hard onto the nearby bed. The realtor was scared and shaken, but she tried to use her wits. Knowing the thief’s intentions, she tried to put him off by telling him that her clients would soon be arriving at the house. The thief was unconcerned. He pushed Dallas on to her back, grabbed her panties, yanked them clean off, and went to touch her naked pussy. Dallas resisted, and the thief’s hand flew to her throat and locked around it. He held it with such menacing tightness that Dallas froze in terror. Again the thief demanded she obey him. This time Dallas agreed, but her resentment was clear. She glared and fumed as the thief turned her onto her front, spanked her bare butt cheeks, and probed her pussy. The feel of the thief’s finger’s caused her to lash an arm out at him. His patience worn out, the thief produced a rope and used it to tie Dallas’ wrists to her ankles.

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