Girls Controlled To Be Bad Ama Rio Robot Clone – Forced to Masturbate HD 720p

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I think we have Ama convinced that she is a robot clone. At least to a certain degree. I start to ask her a series of questions to get to the bottom of things, but I also have her PROGRAMMED with the magic word please.. any time I command her to do something followed by this magic word please she has to obey, while repeating the words “I will mindlessly obey”… as I start to her to spread her legs, and start masturbating.

She complies instantly, but reluctantly. To the point she is doing the motions but feeling nothing. She isn’t getting turned on! And she touts that as her lest leg of control over herself… that she won’t let me get my pleasure by her getting turned on by the stimulation between her legs. I feel we need to spice things up a bit, so I FREEZE her in place, and mess with her while she has her legs spread, and do some camera close-ups!

But little does she know, I can control what she feels as well… as I start to tell her she will start to become sexually arroused as she masturbates… and she does! Then I her to start orgasming, and comming over and over again… non stop! No matter what, she can’t stop having an orgasm. Even if she stops masturbating, her orgasm is now endless.

She squirms in pleasure, screaming out loud… to the point I’m again afraid the neighbors will hear… and I mute her voice while she screams in pleasure.. now her screams are silent, but her face and mouth still appear as if she is screaming…finally I allow her to speak, as her screams start to become less… but the orgasms still as intense… her energy level wanning, and she starts to beg me to make it stop.

I finally eventually allow her orgasm to stop… but then I start to tell her what we plan on using her for… and how I have a few friends on their way over to play with her, and have their way with her, for a nominal fee. Her reaction is a very strong one, of NO! As she screams it over and over again, eventually realizing she can’t stop me… and at her last leg, she decides its best to turn herself off.

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