ThatFetishGirl – Ava Minx & Dixie Comet – Assistant to love FullHD 1080p

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Dixie is the overworked and underappreciated personal assistant of spoiled celebrity Ava and she’s decided it’s time to get a little personal attention for herself, as well as a raise and a part in her next movie and to also have a little sexy fun with her hot boss while she’s at it. She knows that Ava never takes off her napping mask to face the day until she’s had her first glass of liquid “breakfast” as she calls it and so Dixie sprinkles a few drops of a love potion in her morning mimosa and when Ava takes off her mask the first thing she sees is Dixie, causing her to fall madly in love.

Ava’s demeanor changes immediately from bitchy boss to coy love bird as she makes room for Dixie to slide into bed with her. From there, Dixie takes charge, stripping her hot boss and licking her pussy until she cums and after, letting her return the favor as she giggles in delight thinking about how many times she’s fantasized about having the star’s face between her legs. After Dixie has had her orgasm, she informs Ava off all the ways she will serve her from now on and sends her off to get them both some more champagne.

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