Cory Smash Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks in Power Woman Anger Management HD 720p

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Power Girl has been ordered by he court to take Anger Management therapy after roughing up her last arrest because he grabbed her ass. Cory is the therapist and she puts a device on her left wrist that will measure her anger levels. Nikki opens up and tells Cory that what angers her most of all is being knocked out and and she tells Cory about the Super Villain doing this to her repeatedly. Cory explains that negative reinforcement therapy is called for. Cory does a series of things to get Nikki’s anger levels elevated and then Cory Rags Nikki. When this happens enough times, Power Girl will associate getting angry with being ragged and thus she will avoid getting angry….like medication given to alcoholics that make them vomit if they drink booze. Cory grabs her ass and fondles it and, of course, she gets angry according to the device on her wrist, so Cory Rags Nikki to sleep. Cory removes Nikki’s boots and cape. She wakes up and Cory fondles her tits and she is angry and ragged to sleep again. Cory removes Nikki’s costume. Nikki wakes to find Cory touching her and the device does not go off because she is not mad, she is enjoying what Cory is doing to her. Cory has cured Power Girl of her Anger issues and, in gratitude, she agrees to let Cory have some more fun playing with her.

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