Gender transformation ImMeganLive – under body possession spell 3 FullHD 1080p


*** SPOILER ALERT : Since episode 2, now that the step-son’s friend is stuck in his step-mom’s body, life goes on and he’s trying to fit in in his new married life with her husband *** One week later time jump, husband comes home early from work and discovers step-mom on the couch in a new lingerie and checking out her body. He’s groping her and seems pretty horny. She thinks fuck it, she’s stuck in this body so she might as well! He proposes a titjob, but she doesn’t quite know how to do this, husband is really forgiving and guides her through it. It really feels like kinda a newlywed vibe as everything is new to them. Like a girl who’s eager but has no idea what she’s doing. Then he wants her to ride him and they both discovers the cowgirl fucking pleasures. Finally after he came inside of her and freaked her out (Cum visible), he tells his secret. *** SPOILER ALERT: He’s actually her. After the first possession spell, she (step-mom) read the spell book and went into her husband’s body when the step-son’s friend possessed hers. And the cherry on the cake … the cream pie just happened made the spells permanent!!! ***

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:17:03
Size: 511 Mb

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