Girls Gone Hypnotized – Lily Hypnotized FullHD 1080p

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Lily volunteers herself to be a guinea pig for her parents’ friend who is studying hypnosis. His lessons seem to be paying off, as he successfully puts Lily into a deep trance and soon has his friends’ teenage daughter obeying any command he gives her. Lily is programmed to refer to him as “master” and remains in a mindless state as she does whatever she is told. He has fun testing his limits with Lily, paying special attention to obedience training and her bare feet.

Swinging watch inductions (3)
Lots of “yes masters” and mantras repeated
Put into a hypnotic sleep and programmed to obey
Made to sleepwalk through the room while repeating mantras
Instructed to remove her shoes so her bare feet can be closely inspected
Made to pose and show off her feet
Made to change into a dress
Sleepwalks through the room repeating mantras again
Made to model her dress and strike a new pose each time her master snaps his fingers
Again made to change outfits
Walks through the room as a sleepwalker
Awakened from her trance and re-hypnotized
Frozen and posed as a mannequin
Made to express how she feels while hypnotized through drawing her emotions
Made to show off a new yoga pose each time her master snaps his fingers
Snapped out of trance, re-hypnotized
Flutters and rolls her eyes, then passes out cold
Bare feet and limp arms manipulated while asleep
Talks in her sleep
Made to sleepwalk through the room one last time
Put to sleep on the couch
No nudity

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:10:20
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