Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures Cory Chase, Melanie Hicks in Super Heroine vs Lady Computer HD 720p

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A computer program comes to life and wonders what it feels like to be human. It will take control of Wunder Woman and experience everything.

Scene One: Computer Control

Wunder Woman is on her computer quietly relaxing from a long day of crime fighting. Suddenly her monitor glows bright white and a pulse of lightning shoots into her body. A artificial computer intelligence goes into Wunder Woman and rewrites her brain, destroying Wunder Woman’s mind forever. It feels so good to have a human body the AI thinks. She wants to feel what it’s like to be a human, so she strips out of her uniform and into a bathing suit. She touches every inch of Wunder Woman’s fuckable body.

“Why did you change?” Super Gurl asks, walking into Wunder Woman’s room. With very little hesitation the AI wraps Wunder Woman’s magic lasso around Super Gurl’s neck and pulls. “We are tired of being in metal, we want human bodies” the AI tells her. Using the lasso’s magic, the AI forces Super Gurl to strip naked against her will. “What are you doing” Super Gurl pleads to her friend as she’s bent over the desk and fucked by the AI’s large cock.

Scene Two: Now Binary

The lasso’s magic is to strong for Super Gurl. She tries to fight but can only lay their and take the fucking like some sort of sex doll. She can’t move, but she can feel. She feels every thrust and every push against her sensitive pussy. Moaning Super Gurl fights will all her strength against the orgasm building inside of her.

supergirl cums, and the last of her resistance to the lasso fades away. The AI want’s to experience that kind of pleasure and tells Super Gurl to fuck her. It bends Wunder Woman’s body over and allows herself to be fucked and made to cum. “Sit down right here Super Gurl” the AI command. “No, please you don’t have to do this” Super Gurl pleads. The computer shoots pulses of code into her brain and rewires her every thought. Now in control of the most powerful women on the planet the computer programs put on some dresses and leave to have the night of their lives.

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