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Chris comes home from a long day of work. He was happy to see his beautiful girlfriend Jordan sitting there looking sexy as always. He sits down next to her and moves in to kiss her lovely face. She puts her hand up and looks at him. She was obviously busy with her phone so Chris politely asks her if they are going to eat dinner soon. Jordan barley looked at him when she replied with “maybe there is some food in the fridge if you make some. I am going out with the girls tonight so do whatever you want.” But what Chris wanted was to be with Jordan. He suggests that he goes and picks up some steaks and they stay in for the night and maybe something a little more. Jordan laughs in his face. “What don’t you go hang out with your geeky buddy and don’t wait up tonight!” Sad and depressed Chris heads over to see his friend Charles at work. He opens up to his buddy and says that he thinks she is having sex with everyone else but me! “Yea I get that” Charles says. Chris tells him that he is at the end of his rope. That he loves her so much and doesn’t want her to go but he can’t take it anymore. Charles stops working on his computer and take off his glasses. He looks at Chris “You know what I do here right? You know what this place is? We make Sexbots! I can give you a Fembot that would make you happy every day!” Chris says that would just be weird and didn’t think he would ever do something like that. “Listen I know you love Jordan but I can make a Android that looks like her in everyway except she would be sweet, cook you dinner, and fuck your brains out! If fact I can let you have one of the new prototypes we are beta testing right now. All you have to do is get Jordan in here and I will take care of the rest!” Chris turns to Charles and says “The Robot would have sex with me?” The next day Jordan come in to be body scanned to see if she has anything wrong with her. Well that’s the story she’s been told but what is really going on is she will be scanned and her body mold will be put on a android. Once that is done the New and Improved Robot Jordan is created. Then comes the task of working out all the glitches. Which Dr. Winchester is more then happy to do. He begins by testing her general motor functions and then some basic commands. Then it was time to test her sexual functions. Now he didn’t want to take things to far because it was going to be his best friends new girlfriend. However for the sake of science he must take her to the limit.

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