Girls Controlled To Be Bad Sasha Summers – Controlled Discounted SD mp4

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Welcome brand new Sasha Summers, she’s been in the biz only for a short few months and has never been programmed before. She’s a quiet spoken blonde beauty, that is skeptical about my programming, but we are going to give it a shot anyhow. But before we do that, I perform a quick post-programming interview, to get to know her better.

Then I perform my intense PROGRAM on her, and to my delight it works like a charm. She turns into a mindless receptacle ready to receive my programming! Enjoy watching her go , and fall sideways on the sofa; while I do an eye test, and lift her arms and hands and let them drop…

Sasha Summers in Lost Number Freeze

In this clip, I have Sasha Summers in a deep PROGRAM where I make her forget the number FIVE. Enjoy watching as she attempts to, unsuccessfully count all her fingers!

Then I FREEZE her in place, and pose her a bit. This is the first time I am using the FREEZE magic word, and it operates a tad bit differently. You can notice her eyes watching what’s happening; but she is still completely motionless. So I put her back into a deep PROGRAM and tweak the magic word… and then try to FREEZE her again – and it works better. I pose her, and remove her shirt, exposing her pretty boobs…

Sasha Summers in Please, Yes Master

In this clip, Sasha is in a deep PROGRAM and made to go BLANK and EMPTY when I say PLEASE…. and receptive to anything I tell her, saying YES MASTER after I instruct her to do something.. then return back to her normal self, and be to comply without realizing why.

Enjoy watching me make her undress, and play with herself!

Sasha Summers in RED SLUT

In this clip, Sasha is PROGRAMED to have an instant orgasm when ever I say the magic word RED! But knowing that Sasha is kinda of conservative, I also give her a PROGRAM that turns her into a slut, when I snap my fingers.

So when I bring her out of her PROGRAM mode, I start talking to her; asking her simple questions like what’s her favorite color… and then ask her what she thinks of RED! You gotta see her expression, it is one of shock yet pleasure.. and she works hard to prevent it from showing, that she’s secretly inside having an orgasm. When I snap my fingers, she spreads her legs, and shows us all she’s got!! I FREEZE her in place, and pose her a bit… then put her back into a deep PROGRAM as we conclude this clip.

Sasha Summers in Sofa Stuck Ass

We now PROGRAM Sasha to be completely stuck to the sofa, and every time I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass… but she likes it. When I bring her out of her PROGRAM she says she’s dizzy… so I ask if she should stand up, but when she tries she just can’t because her ass is stuck. But instead of telling me she’s stuck and can’t get up, she makes up an excuse. Saying that she doesn’t wanna stand up… and even when I say to her “I want you to stand up” and she says “No”… I ask why, she says its too difficult… lol

So she finally admits that she’s stuck… so I then snap my fingers, and you can visibly see something is happening; but she’s hiding it very well… and just says “Weird stuff” is happening. She tells me that “This is Weird”…

So I put her back into a deep PROGRAM that when ever I touch her, the only thing she can say is gibberish. So I walk over behind her, and start touching her – and ask her how she’s feeling… and she can’t talk! She laughs nervously, and tries.. and tries; but can’t talk.. until I stop touching her. I then say FREEZE and start posing her, touching her boobs, and playing with her as I wish.

Sasha Summers in Hot or Not

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