ROBOMEATS – Wenona and Torro Bravo – Workdays With Ms. Rudolf SD mp4 c4s

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Wenona and Torro Bravo – Torro works as a legal assistant, his wife and family have left him, and his life hasn’t been so great, but Ms. Rudolf, his boss, has been very kind, ignoring his mess ups at work. Torro gets a call, turns out he forgot about a case, and his client has been sent to jail, he goes to tell Ms. Rudolf, and she tells him that she has to let him go, he understands and offers to make her some coffee, he goes into the kitchen to make some coffee for her and puts some freeze serum in it, then gives it to her and leaves. Ms. Rudolf drinks the coffee and freezes with a biscuit in her hand. The next day, Torro shows up for work again, and Ms. Rudolf is still frozen in her chair, so he picks her up and decides to start working, he calls some clients and tells them that she is out of town and he will be taking over. He gets up in between calls and poses her. After her work he decides its time to take her clothes off, and he strips her and poses her some more, changing her face. He then dresses her back up and drags her out of the office so that he can use her later

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Duratio: 00:29:44
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