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limp - 4602 Weresex 4 Blood Moon

limp - 4602 Weresex 4 Blood Moon.mp4

Josette Duval and Johnny have bought their first home together, since then Josette’s been obsessed with paranormal activity. She notices that every month, on a full moon, the house goes mad with paranormal activity, and it’s getting more and more aggressive. Josie’s bought a Ouija board from the old curiosities shop downtown, she has carefully written down every spell necessary to conjure the evil beast in the home, and send him back to hell where he belongs.
Johnny rolls his eyes at Josette. She tries to tell him that she is certainly not crazy, the house is evil, the home of a serial in the 1893 when it was built. “They called him wolf man,” she explains as she lights candles and sets up the board, “he got away with 34 times before he the wrong girl and got caught.” Johnny looks at her in concern, Josette affirms her suspicions, “he on a full moon and blamed it on a wolf, and it’s HIS spirit we’re dealing with.” Johnny grabs his cell, “uhmm.. I’m going to call your step-mother. Maybe you should get back on your meds, sweetie.” An irritated Josette grabs his cell phone away, “either it’s me and you, or it’s just me.” Johnny nods. He worries for Josie. She hasn’t been getting much rest lately, all she can talk about is ridiculous ghosties, and goblins, and beasts that scratch the door at night. He puts his hands next to her’s, “I’m ready,” he tells her. She summons the spirit, and he confirms her suspicion, it’s HIM, Wolf Man! John gets nervous when the lights go off, and a heavy fog fills the room, his body is ice cold as he watches a figure move towards him. It rushes into his body and his eyes go black, his muscles go , as he lays wide-eyed looking at the ceiling, motionless. Josie shakes him, he’s still, she ruffles through her papers for a possession spell. His arm reaches up and scratches her! Josie feels the transformation kick in immediately! She tries to run but her legs paralyze her, her body changing from the inside. Her princess blue eyes turn fiery orange. She grabs her stomach in pain, the ribs in her torso begin to grow, separate, her breasts grow until her shirt can no longer hold her in. Her ears grow, hair grows from her newly full bust. She is in pain, she tries to scream for help, she stretches her jaw open as her fangs grow in. She grabs at her boyfriend, still except for his strong erection tenting his pants. Her nails grow as she looks at him with pleading eyes, “help,” she whispers. The transformation accelerates as her shorts burst open from the growth, she is taller, more muscular. She moves the heavy coffee table over with one hand effortlessly, as she grabs her lifeless boyfriend with the other and sets him on the floor. She’s so turned on as she becomes the beast.

She takes his cock out with her hairy paw and teases the shaft with her claws. “I want you.” She begins to ride his hard cock. His massive cock glides in and out of her tint, pink pussy. She needs to cum, the transformation must be complete, and she won’t be satisfied until she releases her beastly orgasm. She grabs his neck as she glides up and down his shaft, she cums hard. He cums inside of her and her tail bone juts out as the tail forms. Johnny returns to his body and his eyes are wide and terrified at the beast draining him. She smiles, the moonlight makes her fangs sparkle. She growls as the wolf. Josette is possessed by his evil spirit, she has become the wolf woman.

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