Entrancement Cheshire Belle Honour May – Honour Entranced 7 HD 720p

limp - 4731 Honour Entranced 7.mp4

My SEVENTH shoot with Cheshire Belle Honour May.

This shoot gets my DIRECTOR’S CHOICE rating, which means it features the deepest trances and steamiest scenes!

This raunchy Slut Training video is the companion shoot to the SFW HypnoStream that released for free back in November. (We filmed the stream either side of the shoot and you can see it here:

By this point in our relationship (7 shoots!) Honour has discovered that hypnosis is a genuine kink for her both in her modelling and private lives and she drops very easily for me if I use a particular tone of voice or even look at her in the right way. A few words are all it takes for her mind to begin to melt.

Highlights include Honour as a Librarian chastising me for believing in hypnosis (despite the fact she keeps waking up whilst exposing herself), Arousal training as Honour goes from being a masturbating slut to an emotionless Fembot, Submission training as Honour allows herself to be collared, stroked, intimately inspected and treated like a pet, and a Sex Instructor section where the very personable and professional sex instructor keeps inadvertently orgasming.

Opening Chat
The no induction induction
Pendant Infatuation
Masturbation Breaks are totally normal!
You’re being inappropriate!
I’M being inappropriate!
Freeze Play
Robot Training
Respectable Ms May the Librarian comes to collect a book on Entrancement
Transforming Ms May into Zoo beasties
Slut Training the Librarian
Half as Smart, Twice as Horny
Honour the Bimbo
Ms May can’t stop Masturbating!
Edge Training the Fembot Fucktoy
Close-Up Pussy Inspection (Complete with Pulsing on command)
Converting all her arousal to submission
Collaring Slave Honour
Snake Hands
Entranced by her own Hands
Mindless Eye Rolls
Invisible Blowjobs
POV Blowjob eye rolls
Posing on Command
Elegant Sex Instructor (Who keeps accidentally orgasming)
Honour Enchants her Audience
Honour asks me to “Prove” that she can’t resist me. (Silly girl)
Closing Chat

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 01:25:30
Size: 959 Mb

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